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Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC


I know this may sound ridiculous, but I wonder what these trees have ‘seen’.  Decades of life pass them by, and with each spring they give us a glorious show of color with their blossoms.  People travel from all over to Washington DC and take it all in.  Many have rigid political viewpoints, others not so much.   The mixing pot that is the United States is very apparent.  You can sit, close your eyes and hear languages pass you by but it all just blends in with the sounds of nature.  To me the crowds became the backdrop to the trees.  

They are the focal point for selfies, group shots, significant others, the baby, and hey, let’s get the dog too.  Years upon years of presidential terms have gone by, and they just keep doing their thing.   There’s something comforting in that.  No matter how bad things may seem, the trees will still blossom every spring.


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