Had The Time


If I had the time, I’d watch the sunset each day from a new location and take note of each moment passing by.  There are locations that I’ve driven past so many times and thought to myself, I should just pull over and take a photo.  I need to be here and watch the sunset.  I wonder what this place would look like on a cloudless dark night.  



Life rushes by and we become so busy trying to get from point A to point B that we miss all of the wonderful little things in between.  When I take the time to do something as simple as watch a sunset somewhere peaceful, it becomes much more than that.  I gaze along the horizon, searching out for clouds or hints of of color.  If I had the time, I’d let the scene sit with me and develop it in my head.  



As our star drops towards the end of the Earth, time begins to seemingly speed up.  This is when the magic begins.  Dusk begins to reveal its face, and I take note of the birds getting home for the night.   The tripod has been set up, and the light is drastically changing.  I take in the show around me and right before my eyes, colors have infused with the clouds.   If I had the time, I’d lock in the memories of this event with a few decent compositions.   Then I could just take it all in.  Every ending of the day is unique, I wish I could document them all.



Oh, if I only had the time.






Bonus Photos:


You know how we look at clouds and see faces?  How can you not see the pony-tail woman here?



Here is photographic proof of how buggy this place is.  The greenhead flies swarm here.  I protect myself with a Permethrin treated long sleeve shirt and pants, but they still land on everything they can.  That includes my lens.


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