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Carnival 3

I don’t know what it’s like in your neck of the woods, but the weather this past weekend here in New Jersey has been spot on perfect.  There may be clouds of pollen floating around, but it’s better than snow!  Photography has become my main hobby in the past 4 years, but I still have some love for my other hobby, my car.

On Friday I was cleaning it up for a weekend of driving around, and on my way home I made a detour so I could take the long way home.   Out of the corner of my eye I saw flashes of colors.  Carnival time!  I grabbed the camera and tripod and off I went.

In order to get the image above, I had to use three different photos.  One for the parking lot, one for the ice cream stand, and one for the Ferris wheel.  Each part of this photo has to be exposed differently.  If I set the exposure to get the parking lot exposed correctly, this was the result:

over exposed

The parking lot looks good, but the ice cream stand sign and the Ferris wheel are WAY over exposed.  OK – so how about under exposing so I can get the stand exposed correctly?

Under exposed!


Now I’ve exposed just right for the ice cream stand sign, but that’s about it.  In order to fix this, I use the above two photos, and pick out a few cool Ferris wheel shots, and now I have what you see in the first photo.  I couldn’t decide on just one of these, so here are an additional three.


Carnival 4

Carnival 2

Carnival 1

FUN FACT ! While shooting these the owner came up to me and we began talking about the rides and all the work it takes to get just that set up.  It takes 6 hours to build it, and the entire ride fits into one tractor trailer.

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