Foggy View

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Foggy view

Fog is something I’ve always wanted to photograph.  It creates a great atmosphere in an area and can completely change how things look.  When I woke up early to go to work, there it was. The fog.  Fortunately for me, I work directly next to the Ben Franklin bridge, and can get to a nice view of Philadelphia easily.  On my drive into work I couldn’t believe how dense the fog was and started envisioning Philadelphia as a cloud like city, enveloped in this mist.

When I had arrived at the waterfront though, you couldn’t see even halfway over the Delaware river.  Philadelphia was just gone from view.  Now the park and walkway were eerie and serene.  And trust me, it’s eerie enough in Camden.  This was all out horror movie stuff.  I considered myself lucky to be there and snap a few shots before heading into work.


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